Our Aim

Enjoyment is key to motivating children. It has been at the heart of my teaching for the last 16 years and whilst tutoring my 3 children through the 11 plus process.  My approach combines traditional teaching methods with a more intuitive style of learning that embraces technology - which of course children love. The result is a more engaging learning experience and improved learning outcomes.

Students will also have access to resources from home, so the learning and enjoyment can continue out of class! Drawing on a background in both IT and teaching, plus successfully tutoring my children, led me to develop this unique course. 

Teacher Helping Student

Latest News

Due to Covid-19 all current courses are delivered in an interactive virtual learning environment.

Year 4 Pre-Assessment (for the 2020-21 course) 

Monday 10th August 2020 10am to noon FULL

Friday 21st August 2020 10am to noon FULL      

Year 5 Mock Tests 2020

Sunday 19th July 2020 10am to noon or 1pm to 3pm 

Thursday 27th August 2020 10am to noon

Summer Revision Course 2020

Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th,  Wednesday 26th, and Friday 28th  August 2020.

 Choose either morning or afternoon sessions. Places are limited, year 5 only, priority booking for existing 11plusit students. £40 per day. Non 11plusit students £50 per session.

Math and Geometry Tools

2020/21 Session Times
(limited spaces left)

Saturday 10am to 12:15pm  Woodlands Park 

Tuesday 4:15pm to 6:30pm  Woodlands Park 

Wednesday 4:15pm to 6:30pm Woodlands Park

Thursday  4:15pm to 6:30pm  Woodlands Park

School Application

What do we cover?

Non verbal-reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
English Comprehension
Spelling and Vocabulary



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We are also featured in the official 11 Plus Guide.


Now the dust has settled and we have submitted our School Prioritisation Form I wanted to say thank you for all your efforts over the last twelve months with Robert’s 11+ Tuition.

I had spent a long time searching for a tutor for Robert finding many options either too bland with large class sizes or lacking process or with staff who were temporary.

When we discovered you we liked the fact that you had provided tuition for your own children as well as many others, had teaching background and clearly understood what was required to pass. We liked the fact you assessed Robert prior to tuition.

Robert adored your lessons for the structure, the challenge and that it was a small group of equally bright and ambitious children. One quote of his was ‘I just wish School could be this much fun.’ As parents we loved the regular feedback and guidance on added home learning and focus areas.The end result was he passed both Buckinghamshire and Reading Boys; and with very high marks We have opted for Reading Boys. We owe you a lifetime gratitude; thank you.

Mr Robert K