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A little bit about me

After a successful career in the IT industry and having 3 children, I decided to follow my passion and I retrained as a teacher.  I am now a fully qualified teacher with 20 years experience in teaching children aged from 9 to 13 years.


Sixteen years ago I began tutoring my three children through the 11-plus process and they are now reaping the benefits of a grammar school education. Since then, I have been running the '11 Plus IT' tuition school for ten years.


Drawing on my background in both ICT and teaching I combine traditional teaching methods with technology to create an engaging learning experience. A range of computer based assessment tools are used, many of which are accessible via pupil accounts at home.


My personal commitment is to focus on just three small classes of children to equip them to do the best they can do in all areas of the 11 plus test.  


The verbal and non verbal reasoning questions that are used for the eleven plus can seem bewildering when a child (or adult!) first looks at them. Many children will assume they can not do them as they have never come across anything like it before. With help and encouragement they will realise that they can answer the questions.


The tutoring process will enable children to become familiar with the different types of question that can appear in these papers and prepare them to cope with the pressures on the day.

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