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Our son joined 11plusit at the start of Year 5, having undertaken a full assessment with Donna in the summer holidays.  We chose 11plusit due to the small class sizes and the variety of different teaching methods Donna utilises.  Our son really enjoyed the weekly sessions.  Working in a group really suited him, as did the challenge of being able to win points or 'quizzolas' for certain tasks. In addition to the weekly sessions our son also attended two 'mock' tests and these really helped him to practice under test conditions and gave us pointers as to the areas which needed more attention. Donna's preparation meant a successful outcome for our son in the 11+ transfer test and we are very thankful to her for all her help and guidance along the way.

My daughter initially started her 11+ journey with a different tuition school, after 3 months I made the decision to take her out as the workload was unmanageable and it was making us all miserable, by luck a friend mentioned 11 plusit as her son attended there and I was lucky enough to get the last space. After the first session my daughter confirmed she actually enjoyed herself and I knew this was the right place for her. The work was manageable and the way Donna runs the session, combining interaction and incentives with in depth learning is a winning formula. I would highly recommend 11+it. My daughter passed her 11+ exam and in a few years I hope for my son to also attend Donna’s session

Mrs K Bailey

Mrs S Choudry

Donna’s tutoring is exceptional; she makes new concepts appear simple and easy to understand and provides lots of timed practice sessions.
Her style of teaching is stimulating and fun filled with opportunities to learn while playing computer games and earn points.
My son was very motivated and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. He was able to enhance his knowledge and skills with guidance and direction from Donna.

Mrs V Sharma

Our son really enjoyed the combination of different types of learning used in Donna's classes  - particularly the interactive exercises  using IT.'

'The supportive, yet challenging, environment in Donna's classes, meant our son rapidly grew in confidence, meaning that his performance at school really benefitted as a result.

Mrs G Smith

I would highly recommend Donna Gerard for the 11+.   My son was with another tutor and did not enjoy the experience and wanted to give up.   We moved him to 11 plus it part way through the course and this was the best move we made - My son's attitude towards the 11+ changed, he was very happy and motivated.   He looked forward to his lessons and had a genuine desire to succeed.   Donna makes the lessons enjoyable for the children and she is able to get the best out of them.

Mrs Notay

We highly recommend Donna as an 11Plus tutor. She's very thorough and the course is well structured and organised and most importantly, our son enjoyed the interactive classes and the use of computers for activities such as quizzes. She provided helpful information on the 11+ process and regular feedback on our son throughout the year. Homework had to be completed each week but this insured he went into the exam very well prepared and passed with a great result.

Mr and Mrs Taylor

I would highly recommend Donna and her approach to 11+ teaching. Donna’s classes and homework are both comprehensive and fun, preparing the children extremely well for the transfer test. Class sizes are perfect and feedback is regular.

Donna has been an amazing 11plus tutor. Great teaching methods, regular updates on progress and kept my son fully engaged. Would have no hesitation in recommending Donna!

Mrs K Mormech

Lucy and Alex Brazil

We are extremely grateful to one of our friends who recommended Donna and 11plusIT to us. We had had a not so great experience with the person who had been tutoring our eldest and wanted to get it right for the twins. It was really refreshing to see that Donna had a programme that was customized  for every kid and where many different areas of knowledge were tracked. We had personalised reports for them and  it was great to see that Donna was able to provide individual attention to every child. In addition, learning was fun for the kids. They saw the tuition classes as a highlight of the week rather than some sort of punishment so definitely Donna must have been done something very well to keep them so happy and motivated. And the best part? Both of them  passed the exams...  So yes, we would absolutely recommend 11plusIT / Donna to everybody." Cheers, Jorge

Mr Mateos-Serrano

Donna's course is balanced, structured and current in its approach to the 11+ exam. Using various mediums to cover all elements of the test, her students are gently coached on how to tackle and understand what will be required of them.. Learning is made fun through group and individual activities and Donna's support to both student and parent is invaluable. New friendships groups have been made which will continue at secondary school and the class were always reluctant to go home on pick up. Cerys felt confident, prepared and relaxed on the day of her test which was reflected in her score. Each student is treated as an individual and achieves the very best that they can through Donna's guidance.
The 11+ journey is not an easy one but I look forward to taking it again with my son Kellen in Year 5.hank you Donna,

Cerys and Sarah

Thanks for tutoring me as it tested my intellect and played a huge part in helping me pass my 11 plus. It has helped me have a better future.

Mrs A Sayed

Donna’s work with Ollie was a key part of our preparation for the 11+ and was instrumental to him getting a good pass mark. A great blend of fun, competition, discipline and hard work.

Mr G Collins

Donna is a fantastic tutor who really gets to know and support her students. We had a bereavement in the family during my son's time with her but she helped him to remain focused and achieve his goal. Thanks to Donna my son has past his 11+.

Donna was amazing!! I couldn’t recommend her enough. My Daughter has just passed her 11+ after a year of tutoring. The whole process was great from initial assessment to regular parent updates to mock and then final exam. Constant parent support as well as for the children. Lots of help and advice for how the parent can help at home. Overall a 5  tutor.

Mrs J Gould

Mrs D Kenny

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed attending Donna's weekly 11 plus lessons. The lessons were well-structured, in a comfortable environment, with other like-minded children and the work covered in class was good preparation for the 11 plus test. The homework was always related to the subjects covered in the lesson and required a combination of written and online work. Donna was always flexible to accommodate my daughter's busy life outside of 'education'.

Mrs D Doherty

We can highly recommend Donna’s 11+ classes and preparation. They are thorough, structured, expertly delivered and ultimately proved very effective. Our son was her pupil and successful in the exams, he was engaged throughout - Donna tutored him brilliantly - we couldn’t be happier or recommend her enough.

We were enormously impressed as well as grateful and look forward to her help with our younger son in due course.

Mrs T Fullarton

My daughter really enjoyed her tuition sessions with Donna. The group session format suited her. Donna ensured they were fun and engaging and my daughter actually looked forward to going. The course had structure, and the homework was the same. Feedback from Donna and information about my daughter’s progress was excellent. Our daughter passed and I have recommended Donna to lots of other parents.

Nicole really enjoyed the structure of the group lessons and  the facilities and location were excellent. Nicole found Donna’s approach in making the lessons fun, with lots of quiz’s and targeted homework very rewarding and enjoyable.  Donna was also very flexible if a lesson had to be moved etc. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna if you are considering the 11+ and yes Nicole passed !!!

Mrs K Seaman

Nino Brancato

My daughter loved attending Donna's classes and considered them fun! As parents we found Donna to be organised, thorough, giving regular insightful feedback and only ever an email away for q's from parents. Highly recommended from us all here.

Donna’s classes were the perfect preparation for the 11+. They gave my son the confidence and the knowledge needed for the tests and he went in feeling he could tackle any question. The classes were also a lot of fun and he particularly enjoyed the games, quizzes and competitions!

Mrs K Ryder

Mrs E Easton

We were so lucky to have Donna tutor our son Riley, she was so kind, patient, flexible and supportive. Riley suffers terribly from migraines and she was so helpful with changing days and times to fit in with our needs! Riley thrived under her tuition and loved going to her weekly sessions, I would not hesitate to recommend her!! Riley was so excited after passing his 11+ and can't wait to go to his chosen school, Thank you Donna your amazing!

Our son enjoyed the group dynamic of Donna’s class. It is normally a battle to get him to do anything extra but Donna’s style of homework, worksheets, CBT etc kept him interested. Donna herself was always friendly and calm; he never once complained about going to her sessions. The location of the classes was convenient with easy parking and useful facilities. Thank you for helping our son pass his 11+

Mrs J Sparks

Mrs S Thornton

Donna was excellent in directing my son in his 11 plus exam. She explained anything he wasn't sure of, several times if necessary, giving excellent feedback on any weaker areas. However most telling was how much he enjoyed it, even being happy to get up early on a Saturday morning! I'm sure without her guidance he wouldn't have done so well.

Mr A Mcmath

The 11+ tutoring service provided  by Donna has been outstanding.   Donna is a fully qualified teacher full of enthusiasm and dedication and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the classes.  I know our daughter would not have passed the 11+ if it had not been for Donna.  Would highly recommend.

Mr and Mrs Brazil

My daughter came home at the start of Year 4 asking us whether she would be able to sit the 11+ exam. Living in a non selective system and being a teacher I wasn't too sure but as she asked to do it, I asked around and Donna was highly recommended. She sat the pre-assessment in February of Year 4 and Donna feedback that she had a good chance of passing and would be happy to enroll her onto her course. This was important to me as I work in the primary sector in Buckinghamshire and I see children being tutored who haven't got the ability to pass. The weekly work was challenging, but needed as schools don't actually teach to the 11+ exams. Homework was weekly, both paper and computer based and Donna fedback weekly to us. After the 11+ exam my daughter said that there was no way that she would have been able to do a lot of the paper without some kind of tuition. We are very grateful to Donna for the work she did enabling our daughter to sit the 11+ with confidence and succeeding in the end result! I would highly recommend Donna

Now the dust has settled and we have submitted our School Prioritisation Form I wanted to say thank you for all your efforts over the last twelve months with Robert’s 11+ Tuition.
I had spent a long time searching for a tutor for Robert finding many options either too bland with large class sizes or lacking process or with staff who were temporary.
When we discovered you we liked the fact that you had provided tuition for your own children as well as many others, had teaching background and clearly understood what was required to pass. We liked the fact you assessed Robert prior to tuition.
Robert adored your lessons for the structure, the challenge and that it was a small group of equally bright and ambitious children. One quote of his was ‘I just wish School could be this much fun.’ As parents we loved the regular feedback and guidance on added home learning and focus areas.The end result was he passed both Buckinghamshire and Reading Boys; and with very high marks We have opted for Reading Boys. We owe you a lifetime gratitude; thank you.

Mrs F Hayes

Robert K

We were very pleased with the 11+ tuition our son received. Having switched to Donna's tuition halfway through the year (from a 1 to 1) our son was able to catch up and progress really well. A lovely, well equipped and calm working environment along with the varied coursework, vocabulary boosters and online activities totally contributed to his success. We were especially pleased to receive regular updates on his progress, which also outlined any areas to improve on. A lot of hard work, but well worth the end result as our son passed both the Berks and Bucks 11+ tests. We highly recommend 11Plusit.

Mr and Mrs Di Ciocccio