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Our Approach

​Classes take place in a well-resourced classroom, with computers and an interactive whiteboard. I truly believe that if a child comes to tuition after school or on a Saturday it has to be something they want to do, which means they have to enjoy it and want to come back. I personally plan and deliver interesting and exciting lessons and homework, individualised for each child . Lessons often involve group work and team challenges as children learn from each other, this helps deepen learning.

Children leave my lessons feeling positive and rewarded.

The average 9-10 year old has an attention span of 15 minutes, I use a mix of individual and group based learning and a wide range of resources to keep children engaged and happy.

The course takes place in an IT suite and computers will be used to support revision and assessment in a range of fun and exciting ways.

Helpful bank of computer resources provided include:

Online bank of resources for use at home, also accessible via tablets and mobiles

Access to help tools at home if stuck 

Games based learning and formative assessment tools*

Online practice questions

Online assessment

Team play challenges to test and enhance understanding of new concepts

Parental Feedback

Reports will be provided at the end of each term (roughly every 6 weeks). This will be supplemented with a pupil review meeting.

*A powerful new approach now being adapted by educators as a way of helping information stay in the long term memory,  allowing learning to move forward (founded in neuroscience research).

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