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Boys at School

Courses and Prices


Year 5 Courses: Courses run from September to September.

Classes take place on a weekly basis, during term time. The class size is typically 6-8 children, this allows for a high level of support for each child, whilst maintaining the group dynamic of support and encouragement. I find that children learn at a faster rate when in a group and it also makes learning fun.

Each class is 2 hours and 15 minutes long, with a short 15 minute break half way through the session.

Each lesson focuses on two areas of the 11-plus test, one based Maths or Non- verbal reasoning, the second based on either Verbal Reasoning or Comprehension. Every week will include spellings and vocabulary. The lessons will alternate each week to keep a good balance. Last week’s homework will be reviewed during each lesson.

Week A: Maths and Verbal reasoning

Week B: Non-verbal reasoning  and Comprehension

Class and homework

Children are taught techniques to help them to answer questions, they then work through sample 11 plus questions. Homework is set each week and will be based on what we have done in class and will focus on the specific areas that your child needs to focus on,.

Homework and assessments will be available online and students are expected to spend 1 to 2  hours a week on homework, depending on the stage they are at in the course.

What to bring to each lesson:

Their 11plusit folder, last week’s completed homework and a snack/drink for break time.


Each session is £40.00 payable on a termly basis. Each term is typically 6 weeks. Plus an additional £10 per term for resources. *2022/23 price.

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